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Better then Fusion, the best hair extensions... hands down!!!!
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MicroLink Extensions

Micro link hair extensions by Beauty Redesign. The best hair extensions!

Micro Link aka cold 
fusion Strand-by-Strand method Hair Extensions are natural looking and comfortable to wear. Your hair and the 100% human Remy hair is inserted through a microlink, cylinder like tube and crimped together using special tools, giving you length, volume and highlights that last on average around three months and up to five months with proper application and care.
highlightsThis "cold fusion" extension method  has no glue, no heat, unlike the bonding method. No sewing or braiding, but where this system really shines is when you see how fast the links come out with the special removing tool. It’s the safest and most undetectable method on the market today that is versatile and works well on all hair types and lengths. This method has been a Hollywood secret for years.
high lights low lights

You can:
cut, color, relax,
sleep, swim and sweat!
All while looking great.

fusion extensionsYour hair is safely "cocooned" inside the extension.  Your hair stays in perfect condition and continues to grow as normal. So, when it comes to take them out, your own hair will be in just as good a condition as the day we put them in.
tiped hairThere is no tension, stretching, chemicals or high heat used on the application or take down process meaning your hair is left undamaged and healthy. Our utmost concern is to protect your hair from any damage so that you can improve your look with confidence. Links are color matched to your hair.
hair length chart
Choose the length that's right for you!
We also custom color match as well as have different textures to choose from.  

(Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian and Russian Remy Hair available upon request as well as Fusion and Neo-Extensions methods. Payment plan also available)

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